Certified translations

What does a certified translation look like?

With a certified translation, the certified translator guarantees that the translation corresponds to the original text of the document. The client must provide the original or a notarised copy that is then bound to the certified translation so that the two cannot be separated. The original is thus bound to the translation with a seal and a translator’s clause is added with the round stamp of the certified translator. Certified translations are performed by certified translators appointed by regional courts.


We arrange certified translation of the following documents:

You can deliver original documents or notarised copies to us in person or send them by mail. We will arrange the certified translation and send the documents back to your address, or you can come and collect the certified translation in person. 


•  birth, marriage and death certificates
•  contracts
•  diplomas and certificates
•  powers of attorney
•  notarial deeds
•  extracts from registers of companies

•  extracts from criminal registers
•  certificates
•  divorce petitions
•  wills
•  proof of income
•  court rulings / judgments

•  technical licenses for vehicles
•  tax returns
•  documents needed for communication with foreign agencies and institutions

Do you already have a translation you forgot to get certified?

Do you simply need a stamp for your translation? We can arrange this for you as well since it is possible to certify already complete translations.

This is done by a certified translator, who carefully reads the original text and the translation you provide to make sure the texts correspond exactly. If the translation does not match the original text, the translator will make the necessary corrections. The original and translation are then bound together and stamped as a certified translation.