Our Team

Ing. Nikola Havlínová

I’ve worked in this family company for many years now and fully share its values. Having already worked in many positions, at DIDACTICUS I now primarily oversee company development and customer care.

Marek Valášek
Sales Representative

I love sales. I also have great respect for the art of translating because of the translators in my family. Working with DIDACTICUS clients is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Mgr. Robert Pešek
Sales Representative

I’ve dedicated my entire life to sales and become intrigued by the translation industry and its dynamic development. At DIDACTICUS I’ve been taking care of both new and existing clients for six years and consider this work to be the successful culmination of my career.

Bc. Jitka Černá
Production Manager

I personally oversee the entire work process from orders to invoicing. I check and design new procedures with the goal of making them as simple as possible while fully meeting your needs. I enjoy my job mainly because I work with great people and our work is never monotonous.

Kristýna Kahudová
Project Manager

I take and supervise individual orders. I find out exactly what clients need to be completely satisfied. I also seek out new translators for long-term cooperation.
I’ve been at DIDACTICUS for 5 years now and I know how important it is to adopt new approaches and keep up with the times.

Bc. Pavlína Wastlová
Project Manager

I handle every order with great care and personally see to the satisfaction of our customers. I recruit and test new translators and will also be happy to help you with everything you need, whether this is arranging an apostille, superlegalization, etc.