Our translators

Did you know that...

Our core group of translators has been with us for over ten years?
We know them well and know exactly what their areas of expertise and specialization are?
We know exactly who will be the best translator for your particular text?
We don’t experiment with translators, but carefully select and test our partners?
We hold our translators in high esteem and are proud of our good relationships and long-term collaboration? 


How do we work with our translators?

Work is assigned to the most suitable translator according to their specialization and expertise. Yet we also think ahead and plan to ensure we always have a translator free for demanding or express translations. We don’t want to make any compromises in quality just because of high volumes of work. One text is assigned to a single translator so that the translation is 100% uniform whenever possible.


What if a translation is long and a single translator wouldn’t finish it in time?

Sometimes the quantity of text and deadline mean multiple translators need to work on a translation at the same time. In such a case, we always prepare a glossary of terms (usually done by the most experienced translator) in which we translate technical terms that repeat throughout the text. Everyone taking part in the work then uses this uniform terminology.

We’re translation experts – we’ll advise you

We’re not afraid to tell you when it’s not a good idea to split up certain texts. We always strive to ensure the best possible quality of the final work.
If we believe it would be better for just one translator to work on a particular text, we’ll tell you up front and propose a viable solution for both parties.

This is often the case with marketing, advertising or other stylistically demanding texts.
Even when using the same terminology the style can vary, which would be detrimental in the end.